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Our proposals are the result of a detailed analysis where we consider many factors as the market, the customer needs, budgets, results and goals, timing he wants to afford. All those aspects we consider important to finalize the end cost of the projects and works.

We are always ready to face a new customer; just for simple explanation, few suggestions, a general project or a more specific proposal; a meeting to know each other, some data to start the creation of a project at the speed you ask for (days, weeks, months).

Without any engagement on your side, feel free to contact us for a first consultancy.

Master Consulting is a PR, marketing and communication agency which provides services to both public and private companies, with special focus on travel & tourism, healthcare, licensing, advertising and communication industries.

The company was established in 1996 by the joint efforts of senior professionals whose expertise extensively covers several areas throughout the travel & tourism industry.

It rates, on the Italian market and lately also in Spain, as a valuable strategic solution for the development and the implementation of marketing strategies, communication plans, public relations projects, sales promotion, representative office of international companies and organizations, intending to expand their market successfully.

Our strength is our people – people with a passion. We take pride in our work. We thrive on innovation.

Why Master Consulting? Master from latin magister means “to have an in-depth knowledge”.

But knowledge exceeds mere information. Knowledge is awareness, understanding of facts, truth and information earned through experience and learning.

We believe that at the bottom of a job well done, there is always deep knowledge and understanding, and our team strives to achieve excellence and to make those professional assets the flower on the lapel of Master Consulting.


A combination of industry veterans and creative professionals makes our team most effective in operating in accordance with a set of core values and beliefs, which are instrumental to our continued success as a company and as individuals.


Massimo Loquenzi

Former Managing Director & Founder


Francesca Loquenzi

Co-Founder & COO


Laura Lucidi

Director of Finance


Guendalina Nucci

Account Manager


Chiara Logrippo

Social Media Manager

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