Invent new ways, define new markets, and build trust which will result in the successful promotion of products that are the best in their class. Deliver solutions to customers which make their work easier, more efficient, and more cost effective and productive.

Marketing and Communication

Marketing plan, market and competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, brand identity, co-marketing initiatives. Communication plans, corporate identity, promotional and advertising campaigns (press, TV, radio, web), sponsorships, prize contests. Feedback and results monitoring.

Public Relations and Press Office

Public and Media relations strategy is the core of every communication program. We believe in the importance of delivering the right message to the appropriate audience. Medias are the necessary channel for reaching your audience.

  • Media information system
  • Editorial and house organs
  • Brochure and newsletters
  • Press releases and press kits
  • Press reviews and conferences
  • Special events
  • Organization of press trips
  • Contacts with testimonials and opinion leaders
  • Crisis communication support

Translations from all the major languages.

Representation and consultancy

Representative office of international companies and organizations which want to operate successfully on the Italian and Spanish markets. Participation at trade and consumer shows. Consultancy for business development in specific primary sectors (tourism, healthcare, licensing). Literature distribution and printing.

Sales Promotion

Trade relations, implementation and co-ordination of commercial strategies, negotiation. Participation at international fairs and trade shows, organization of training courses and updating workshops.

Video Production

Documentaries, promotional videos, commercials, advertisements. Dubbing.

Creative design and Advertising

Computer graphic, interactive channels, portals, web sites. Full advertising service.

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